DJI Mavic 2 Zoom PGYTECH ND8/ND16/ND32/ND64 Lens Filter Set

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom PGYTECH ND8/ND16/ND32/ND64 Lens Filter Set


  • In order to meet the rigorous requirements of professional photographers, it is made from the finest Schott (German) glass.
  • A hardened super waterproof coating that is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It is based on the German Schott Glass, using several abrasive polishing processes and IAD multi-layer coating technology to ensure the highest requirements of the high-definition image quality.
  • Used nanometer double-sided multi-layer vacuum coating process. Protects the lens for improved clarity and color effects. Classic studded border design, feel good, non-slip, easy to install. The ND filter is called a light reduction mirror, or a medium gray density lens.
  • The Filter for DJI MAVIC 2 use high precision and exquisite aluminum frame with high quality color coating, easy to install
  • The main function is to reduce the amount of incoming light when the light is too bright, so that the camera can select the correct exposure value and avoid overexposure. It can also “resist” a large amount of scattered light, which can improve the color saturation of the picture and make the picture more transparent.
  • Frame material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
  • Lens Material: optical glass, Multi-layer Coating

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