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Pre-Flight Checklist

Are you ready to fly your new drone?

First these a few things we must check before you're ready to take off in to the air.

    • Are you using a mobile device to pilot your aircraft? We need to check if the airspace is good for flight, you can do so by using this application on your android or iphone.
    • Place the battery in to it``s appropriate position (CAREFUL: DO NOT TURN THE DRONE ON AT THIS TIME)
    • Position the propellers on to the proper shaft corresponding to Clockwise, and counterclockwise positions.
    • Place the drone on a flat level surface with no obstructions around for a minimum distance of 20 feet 
    • Power on the transmitter, and then the drone, following your drones manual instructions for pairing the transmitter and the drone.
    • So you``ve checked the airspace and it``s all clear to fly? Next is to check your batteries for life, all charged up and ready to go? Great. (Charge as required)

    You should no be ready to fly without any issue!

    Remember to follow FAA, State, and local county and city laws regarding flight and landing.